How to Unlock Excel file?

Its very easy and simple with Enstella Excel Unlocker Software!

Quick Excel Password Recovery Concept: Enstella Excel Password Recovery Software is one of the most recommended Excel Unlocker tool which reveal excel password instantly and gives you full authority in locked Excel files. Look at below, the simple steps to recover excel password.

The first step is to open Enstella Excel Password Recovery Software. For that, user has to go to Start menu » Programs » Enstella Excel Password Recovery » Then Software will display the following screen:

Excel file unlocker

Click Browse button to select the your password protected MS Excel (*.xls & *.xlsx) file as shown below.

Unlock Excel File

After selecting the appropriate protected Excel file, the software looks like below-

Excel Sheet Unlocker

Password Recovery Settings-

Excel Password Remover

2) Dictionary Attack - This attack is highly recommended as it offers a smarter access to the password recovery. If use properly, it is the fastest when compared with the above two attacks. This attack is intended to seek the possible password based on a dictionary. Then what's a dictionary? Dictionary is a notepad file, which can be simply interpreted as a library listing the password elements. The program will just base on this dictionary to detect the password. This dictionary can be the integrated one or the one you create. The integrated dictionary is a notepad file listing common character combinations, such as a, ab, 123, 4, AB, etc. that people may frequently use for passwords. You can also create a dictionary by listing character sets that you frequently use to let the program base on when seeking passwords, such as your name, birthplace, birthday, etc. If so, the seeking scope will be largely reduced and it is deemed to save time for the process.

Unlock Excel Workbook

Reveal Excel Password - When you finished the settings of recovery attacks, then click on Excel Worksheet Unlocker button to reveal the original Excel Password.

Excel Workbook Unlocker

Note: Our Excel Password Recovery software easily reveal Excel (xls and xlsx) Passwords from MS Excel 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002(XP), 2000, 97 and 95 files.

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